The recruitment of students, centralized et simplified

Thanks to its smart algortithm, Pooulp connetcs you to the right students in function of your fixed or occasional needs.

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Optimise your time

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Fill-in your enterprise profile to attract more candidates.


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Post your offers where students are and touch directly the right candidates thanks to our smart algorithm.

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Manage your multiple applications and offers in one place.

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Pooulp is in the hands and pockets of students who can apply with a simple like. Match and chat directly on Pooulp.

Your partner of students recruitment

Because recruit a student should not require so much time and effort, Pooulp is more than an ad site.



No more inconsistent applications. Our algorithm saves you time and shows your offers only to the right students.

Portail gestion

Management portal

Manage easely your applications and offers simultaneous.



Publish your offers everywhere in Belgium, in all categories, on only one platform.



Find students documents directly on their profile and download them via chat.

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Early Bird deal!

Free Access

Early Bird

Enjoy full access to our platform and start connecting to students

How it works ?


Ultra-fast subscription

Create your enterprise profile easely.


Offers targeting

Post your offers and set who can see them. Access your management tool.


Contact candidates

Receive applications, discover motivated students profile, and chat with whom you like. Exchange your documents directly on Pooulp.

What students say

Students want to work but they have difficulties to find offers and apply quickly. With the app Pooulp, each job is at hand.

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Find it is crucial to have a good job to gain experience before working

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Find existing platform are not user-friendly

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Want to search for a student job or an internship via their smartphone

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Find it is diffcult to find a student job or an internship