Why Pooulp is born ?

Today, we live in an ultra-competitive environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to stand out. Therefore, in addition to the need to earn money, they need to enrich themselves professionally. They have often under-exploited abilities that can be put to use in companies. In this way, they would perform more interesting and challenging tasks that would create the experience they need to launch their careers. The big problem is that finding a student job, an internship or getting in touch with a company for their subject of study is complicated and time consuming.

On the other hand, companies are more than ever looking for new talents. However, they are also in competition with each other. It is therefore necessary for them to be attractive and known as soon as possible in the eyes of students. On top of that, they need students to carry out their business. The disadvantage is that they waste a lot of time looking for those who fit their needs. They post jobs on various sites and receive a huge amount of unsorted CVs.

All these reasons gave birth to the Pooulp platform, an ocean of opportunities where students and companies will build their future. Its tentacles will create relationships and its algorithm with 500 million neurons will facilitate and improve the process for both parties

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